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    Fujinami International Consulting.Co.,Ltd.(以下、「FIC」)は、サービスのご提供にあたり、お客様の個人情報をお預かりしております。

    Fujinami international Consulting Co.,Ltd (FIC) fully understands the importance of protecting personal information,and observe applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy protection. We have designed this Privacy Policy to explain how we safeguard the privacy of our users.

  • 1.個人情報の取得について

    Collection of personal information

    FIC は、偽りその他不正の手段によらず適正に個人情報を取得致します。

    We will comply with all applicable laws and regulation concerning privacy protection in handling your personal information.

  • 2.個人情報の利用について

    The purpose of using personal information

    FIC は、利用目的をできる限り特定し、ご本人の事前の同意なしに、利用目的を超えて個人情報を利用しません。

    We will only collect your personal information by appropriate and fair means.

  • 3.個人情報の安全管理について

    Safty management of personal informatiion

    FIC は、取り扱う個人情報の漏洩、滅失、改ざん防止、その他の個人情報の安全管理のために必要かつ適切な措置を講じます。

    We will not use your personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use that we have previously specified,unless you give your prior consent.

  • 4.個人情報の委託について

    The handling of personal information

    FIC は、個人情報の取り扱いの全部または一部を第三者に委託する場合は、当該第三者について厳正な調査を行い、取り扱いを委託された個人情報の安全管理が図られるよう当該第三者に対する必要かつ適切な監督を行います。

    We will not provide third parties with your personal information unless you give your prior consent, other than as specifically set forth in this Privacy Policy.

  • 5.個人情報の第三者提供について

    The provition of personal information to a third party

    FIC は、個人情報保護法等の法令に定めのある場合を除き、個人情報をあらかじめご本人の同意を得ることなく、第三者に提供致しません。

    We will at all times assign responsibility for protection of personal information and development of our internal systems to a designated officer in order to help ensure appropriate management of personal information.

  • 6.個人情報の開示・訂正等について

    Disclosure and correction of personal information

    FIC は、ご本人から自己の個人情報についての開示の請求がある場合、速やかに開示を致します。

    We will maintain appropriate safeguards to protect your personal information from improper disclosure or modification and from unauthorized access.

  • 7.本方針の変更

    Changes of this policy


    We will regularly review this Privacy Policy to help ensure that appropriate safeguards are maintained.

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    We will respond appropriately to requests from our users to disclose the personal information that we maintain concerning them, to correct any inaccuracies in such information and to cease use of their personal information.
    This Privacy Policy does not apply to personal information that we may obtain in the course of news collection and reporting. However, with reference to the principles of the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan, we will handle any such personal information in a manner that we believe is appropriate.


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